Some past and upcoming travel

July 27-31. Topologie (Oberwolfach)
April 18-19. Mid-Atlantic Topology Conference (UPenn)
April 4-5. AMS Sectional (Purdue)
Feb 7. Caltech geometry seminar


Oct 12-13. AMS Sectional (SUNY Binghamton)
Sept 14-15. Cascade topology seminar (U-Manitoba)
July 8-12. 4-manifolds: confluence of high and low dimensions (Fields Institute)
June 10-14. Workshop on arithmetic topology (UBC)
May 21-23. Visiting U-Chicago
April 26-28. Redbud topology conference (U Oklahoma)
April 18-19. visiting Jean Lafont at OSU.
March 25-29. Cohomology of Arithmetic Groups, Lattices and Number Theory (CIRM)
March 14-16. Spring topology and dynamics conference (Birmingham) 
Feb 21-22. Michigan topology seminar


Nov 13. UVa geometry seminar
Nov 3-4. AMS sectional (Fayetteville, AR)
Oct 19. Columbia geometric topology seminar.
Oct 11. Albany topology seminar.
July 30-Aug 3. WRH Geometry and Topology Workshop (Dublin) 
July 17-20. Summer conference on topology and its application (Bowling Green)
July 9-13. Young topologists meeting (Copenhagen)
July 2-6. Glances at manifolds (Krakow)
June 18-22. Conference on manifolds, groups, and homotopy (Skye)
May 26-27. Directed reading program conference (Boston)
April 27. UMass-Amherst geometry & topology seminar.
April 18. Temple geometry and topology seminar. 
April 14-15. AMS sectional (Nashville) 
March 17-18. AMS sectional (Ohio State)
Feb 26-Mar 2. Structures of 3-manifold groups (Luminy)
Feb 12. MIT topology seminar.
Jan 12-14. Joint math meetings (San Diego)
Jan 8. Irvine topology seminar.



Dec 8-11. CMS Winter Meeting (Waterloo) 
Nov 15. Brown Geometry seminar
Nov 7. Northeastern pick my brain seminar
Nov 1. Harvard informal geometry seminar
Oct 27-29. Benson Farb birthday conference
Oct 24. Brandeis topology seminar
Oct 9. Northwestern topology seminar
July 24-28. Math Congress of Americas (Montreal)
July 3-7. Mapping class groups and their representations (Jussieu-Paris)
May 8-11. Cohomology of arithmetic groups masterclass (Copenhagen)
May 2. Notre Dame topology seminar
April 28. Madison geometry seminar
April 11. Boston College geometry seminar
March 23-25. G^3 conference (Pensacola) 
March 20. MIT topology seminar
March 8-11. Spring Topology and Dynamics Conference (Jersey City)